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Over the past couple months, Fitalyst has been on a mission to secure strategic partnerships that provide a high level of value for all stakeholders. This is consistent with Fitalyst’s underlying objective to provide a win-win for our users and our partners. Unfortunately, many digital health tools and applications typically only focus on one side of the wellness discussion. There are tons of health tools out there that promise to help users tend to their overall wellness. There are also many administrative tools that help colleges manage campus wellness. However, these tools often are not effective on a long-term basis. Most students typically stop using fitness apps because they either don’t facilitate valuable results or students think that they no longer need the app. Campus health & wellness services use outdated systems that are not compatible across platforms and that are not simply designed. Fitalyst has been on a mission to solve these problems and we’ve worked with high caliber wellness promoters along the way.


Fitalyst has been working with Triyo Fitness since the beginning of last semester. Triyo Fitness is made up of identical triplets named Ahmad, Malik, and Khalil Jones. Triyo Fitness is a health and fitness company, established in 2014, with the mission to help friends, family, and clients achieve their goals and pursue their passions. They push their followers to develop into the best version of themselves—to train their minds, bodies, and spirits. This goal is achieved by providing online and in-person training, specializing in convenient programming for students and professionals.


Fitalyst and Triyo Fitness teamed up this past September to put on the New Semester, Who’s Fit? Boot Camp at the University of Pennsylvania. Students who attended the boot camp received access to the first version of Tag that consisted of work out videos provided by Triyo Fitness within the Facebook Messenger Tag experience. One of our main goals for the partnership involved creating a fun, trendy marketing scheme to attract students to our collaborative experience. The title of the boot camp was in light of the pop culture phrase “New Phone, who dis?”. With the help of our trusted graphic designer, Emily Fitzpatrick, we created appealing flyers and social media posts. In addition, we wanted to add a higher level of audio and visual presence to the boot camp. We created three separate videos for our marketing campaign and chose DJ Kemo to mix live music for the actual boot camp experience. Check out some of our marketing material and images from New Semester, Who’s Fit? below:

Instagram + FB.jpg

Moving forward, Triyo Fitness will help us develop the Gym Challenge feature of our current Tag product. Triyo Fitness has shown us continued focus on creating a fun, social, and efficient training environment and programs for students. This commitment has given us the confidence to continue our collaborative effort into the future!


If you are affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, check out our Tag for Penn at . We are actively recruiting for our pilot at Penn and have some dope rewards and prizes to give to our users. If you are NOT currently affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, check out our Tag Demo here.

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The Fitalyst Team consists of recent Penn graduate, Jonathan Muruako, Founder and CEO; Cameo Hazlewood, a current Penn junior studying Cognitive Science and Consumer Psychology, CMO; and Michael Berk, a current Penn sophomore integrating his Computer Science and Data Analytic skills as CTO. Learn more at

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