Social Media Campaigning/Merchandise

SEO. Brand Identity. Content Marketing. Pay-per-click. Followers.

These have become important words in the realm of startups, digital marketing, and business in general. They may even be exceptionally familiar through the popularization of social media as well.

For instance, Instagram has recently increased their general marketing strategies; this has included using Influencer Marketing and additional diagnostics for Business Accounts. Many may know that Business Accounts are those with a gray, specific description of the account. It might say “Athlete,” “Artist,” “Just for Fun,” or in the case of Fitalyst, “Product/Service.” These Business Accounts allow the users to track many aspects of the account, including Follower Demographics, overall Impressions, and Follower Activity, to name a few.

Based on these factors, this semester, Fitalyst initiated a social media relaunch in order to generate buzz, to build its online presence, and to test varying aspects of hashtags and marketing to target audiences.

Past social media efforts for Fitalyst were mainly focused on Instagram and used a content-generating strategy in which healthy facts about fruits and vegetables were posted.

This time, we again decided to focus on Instagram, as that is where many of our followers already are, and the user experience is exceptionally friendly. The main goals of this month-long campaign were to both actively track and effectively develop our evolving brand identity.

A campaign plan was created, and some of the initial changes included updating the bio one-liner to establish professionalism, increasing the overall number of posts, and increasing the overall number of both Followers and Following.

Some of the measurable metrics included number of profile visits based on posts and hashtags, total number of accounts reached over time, and the number of clicks on our linked website. We were also able to create a more professional landing page by adding multi-post images and story highlights to the main page that featured “Inspiration,” “Fitspiration,” and “Eatspiration,” to name a few.

Overall the metrics and the customer feedback showed improvement, effectiveness, and an increased brand presence.

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Brand Carrot,

Cameo Hazlewood

The Fitalyst Team consists of recent Penn graduate, Jonathan Muruako, Founder and CEO; Cameo Hazlewood, a current Penn junior studying Cognitive Science and Consumer Psychology, CMO; and Del McCants, a current Penn Junior integrating his Computer Science and Machine Learning skills as CTO. Find more at

Jonathan Muruako