Entrepreneurship @ Penn

The University of Pennsylvania has a budding student entrepreneurship atmosphere! There are so many opportunities for students to ideate, build, test, and fail fast. Students and alumni have access to a plethora of resources that are essential to the entrepreneurship experience. The Penn Alumni Network is strong and alumni are always willing to return to campus to offer their experiences and advice.

        Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship does an amazing job with developing programs around the different aspects of entrepreneurship. Over the past 2 years, I’ve personally attended dozens of intimate lunch & learns, speaker events, and coffee chats. Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship’s Venture Initiation Program Community (VIP-C) provides mentorship, crash courses, funding, and perks to student & alumni startups. These resources have been fundamental to Fitalyst’s growth over the past year. We’ve been able to connect with experts and gain advice from people in the wellness industry. We’ve also been able to learn the essentials of entrepreneurship from faculty and from current business leaders.

        Outside of Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship, Fitalyst has been fortunate to participate in other opportunities across campus. Weiss Labs is Penn Engineering’s premier student-led incubator. Last summer, Weiss Labs provided Fitalyst with a structured curriculum of business development while also providing us with pitching experience. This experience was very similar to our Youth Hack experience this semester which ended last week with another pitch day.

        All in all, any student interested in entrepreneurship at Penn has endless opportunities to start something interesting. Penn has invested both time and resources into becoming a launching pad for passionate student ideas. Fitalyst is grateful for the guidance Penn’s entrepreneurship community has provided and we look forward to reaching new heights within the community.

Head Carrot,

Jonathan Muruako

The Fitalyst Team consists of recent Penn graduate, Jonathan Muruako, Founder and CEO; Cameo Hazlewood, a current Penn junior studying Cognitive Science and Consumer Psychology, CMO; and Michael Berk, a current Penn sophomore integrating his Computer Science and Data Analytic skills as CTO. Find more at fitalyst.com.

Jonathan Muruako