Penn Pilot Launch

This is it, ladies and gentlemen…

The moment everyone here at Fitalyst has been waiting for…

Our first official product launch with the University of Pennsylvania as a collaborator!

While I have your attention, let me give you a little context first. Fitalyst, a mixture of the words fitness and catalyst, is a start-up on a mission to make healthy behavior contagious. That means we want to understand how you, yes YOU, think on a basic level in order to best motivate you to finally be able to finish that 30 minute treadmill run easily or to stick to that healthy diet for more than two days!

We take a behavioral science approach to combine any logistical information you may need (for example, gym hours, dining hall menus, etc) with unique nudges of motivation to help you achieve your goals.

SO! Yes, the time has come! Fitalyst has been steadily working on this concept, and now it’s time to test it! Thank you to Penn Dining and Penn Recreational for the support, and thank you to our future users. We hope you’re as excited as we are to make healthy behavior contagious!

Be on the lookout for more exciting news coming soon, and catch us at Penn Dining and Pottruck this week to be one of the first to try our product!

Brand Carrot,

Cameo Hazlewood

P.s. If you go to Penn, and you want a sneak peek:

The Fitalyst Team consists of recent Penn graduate, Jonathan Muruako, Founder and CEO; Cameo Hazlewood, a current Penn junior studying Cognitive Science and Consumer Psychology, CMO; and Michael Berk, a current Penn sophomore integrating his Computer Science and Data Analytic skills as CTO. Find more at

Jonathan Muruako