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Cultivating contagious, healthy behavior



Taking a Behavioral Approach

Fitalyst takes a behavioral science approach in structuring a WIN-WIN wellness platform for Health Seekers and for the Wellness Businesses* that make up their health ecosystem.

*Wellness Businesses: Fitness Gyms, College Recreational Centers & Dining Facilities, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Trainers/Social Influencers, Sports get the point.

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Tag is your new healthy conscience who goes with you to the gym, the grocery store, the restaurant, and helps you make the best possible choices for exercise and eating well. All on FB Messenger.


Partner with our Wellness Platform

Wellness Businesses have the potential to help promote and sustain healthy habits among their followers. Fitalyst teaches your customers how to better use the resources that you already offer, all while gathering actionable data on their needs and behaviors.


Strategic Partnerships



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